Triad Rescue's Rescue Boat courses are designed to instill real-world skills, covering boat crew safety, survival in emergency situations, and victim rescue techniques. Both our Basic and Advanced Boat courses adhere to a high standard of training and are essential for any agency deploying first responders into flood or moving waters using watercraft.

Considered a crucial component of preparedness, these courses are a must for agencies dealing with water-related emergencies. Whether your team operates in-state or out of state, Triad Rescue is equipped to provide comprehensive Rescue Boat classes tailored to your agency's needs. For more information on our Rescue Boat class offerings, including details about training content, scheduling, and out-of-state options, please reach out to us. We are committed to ensuring the readiness and safety of your first responders in water rescue scenarios.


Agencies sending members must provide their own boats (Inflatable preferred). Boat crew shall be a minimum of 2 rescuers and max 4 per boat crew!

• Safety Lecture
• Understanding Various Types Of Water And Watercraft
• Basic Motor Care And Maintenance
• Crew Positions And Duties
• Self Rescue Procedures
• Boat Handling Skills And Drills
• Ladder Rescues
• Final Scenarios
• And So Much More!

Call for more information (325) 201-3033
E-mail us for a course outline and to enroll.