Triad Rescue serves as the exclusive TX dealers for both Rescue One Connector Boats as well as UK based custom rescue inflatable boat maker, Ionic. After rigorous testing, we have selected the Ionic Ranger 470 as our preferred Inflatable rescue boat (IRB).
This strategic choice reflects our commitment to providing top-tier equipment and ensuring the highest standards of safety for water rescue operations.


Introducing the Ionic Ranger 470 (Triad Spec'd), our chosen inflatable crafted specifically for RESCUE. Constructed with robust Hypalon material, this boat is not only durable but also customizable to meet the unique needs of rescue operations. With a wealth of experience in various Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRBs), our team has unanimously selected the Ranger 470 as the preferred choice.


Rescue One stands out as the premier flat-bottom boat manufacturer in the USA. Don't be misled by cheaper imitations. Reach out to us to discover the distinct advantages of Rescue One Boats over their competitors, or to schedule a demonstration. Experience the unparalleled quality and performance that sets Rescue One apart in the realm of flat-bottom boats.

To learn more about the Ionic Ranger 470, specifically tailored to Triad specifications, and to experience its unmatched capabilities for your rescue needs, please feel free to contact us. Schedule a demonstration to discover firsthand why the Ionic Ranger 470 is the optimal solution for your rescue operations. We are here to provide you with all the information and insights you need to make an informed decision for your water rescue equipment.

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