About US

Triad Rescue stands as the leading water rescue training agency in Texas, dedicated to the exclusive mission of cultivating and empowering highly skilled water rescue professionals.

It's essential to note that we are not a Rope Rescue Company, nor do we specialize in Industrial Safety. Our focus does not extend to HazMat or Fire Training on the side.

We Live On The Water!

"Knowledge without experience is just theory"
Anyone can study a book and call themselves an Instructor...

Veteran Owned Business

Avoid jeopardizing your investment and the safety of your team by opting for training with agencies rooted only in theory. Prioritize knowing about the instructors and their real-world backgrounds before selecting a training provider.

In the perilous realm of Water Rescue, entrust the training of your staff to those who have actually lived and breathed it professionally, ensuring a level of expertise derived from practical experience.

Prospective clients are welcome to request five references from training chiefs or training managers. We believe in letting our customers speak for us.